Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Feature announcement: Postgroup

Today we are launching something called postgroups. We believe that this feature largely enhances the values we provide for bloggers. We have worked very hard to push this out, we are excited!

A postgroup is an invite-only group of blogs that cross-post with each other. Any postreach user can create a postgroup and invite bloggers that they know. This gives the user complete control of whose posts will appear on your blog. A blog can be a member of multiple postgroups.

You can set up a postgroup to invite specific bloggers onto your blog. Or you can set one up about a specific topic and recruit blogs that you like in the topic area.


Viv said...

I would really like a search box on your site that lets users of postreach not only invite their friends to their own postgroup, but look for other similar postgroups to join themselves. I'm surprised you don't have this feature already.

Krates said...

Thanks Viv. "postgroup search" is certainly a feature that we are planning to build. With your feedback, we now know better to build this feature sooner. Thanks a lot!