Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ClickComments Logo Optional & New 3D icons

After getting lots of blogger feedback we decided to make the ClickComments logo optional. Even though it is designed to draw more attention and increase reader interaction, some bloggers would rather not have the logo on there. Other bloggers really like the design. So we decided to make the choice up to you.

To spice things up a bit we have also introduced some stylish 3D icons. We hope you like them. You can log in and change your settings to play around with what they look like on your blog.

Please tell us what you think.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The ClickComments logo

Some of you have been asking why there is a ClickComments logo on the ClickComments widget. Some thought that it was a branding exercise. This is not what our motivations are. The goals for the new version of ClickComments is to increase reader participation further. There has been academic research that shows that images of faces draw human attention. Our usage of a face in the logo was to draw attention to the ClickComments widget so that readers will interact with the widget.

If you think the logo contrasts too much with your template, then please choose the grey theme. That is more neutral and should blend in with more template. We chose the default green theme because our postreach logo is green and our website is green.

PostReach GuestPost service discontinued

For those of you that have used our GuestPost service, we would like to thank you for using PostReach GuestPosts. However, today we discontinued the GuestPosts service. We decided to focus our resources on improving PostReach ClickComments to have a greater impact on the blogging experience.

ClickComments makes the blogging experience more engaging for both bloggers and readers. Its recommendation feature tells readers about your other posts that might interest them. This should keep them on your blog longer.

We encourage you to use ClickComment. Please try it out http://www.postreach.com/

Keep blogging,
The PostReach team

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Introducing ClickComments2.0!

We are excited to introduce you the new ClickComments. In the last two months, we have been listening, talking, observing and analysing what both bloggers and readers want. We think we have made a major improvement in the service.

What's new?

Post Recommendations: which tells readers about other posts in the same blog that might interest them. This should keep them on your blog longer.

Customization: We have reduced the number of icons based on reader feedback. We have introduced optional negative icons. Users can also customize the color of the ClickComments box.

Please check out our new website for more detail: http://www.postreach.com/

Monday, August 13, 2007

Comment artwork

A few days ago I came across this cartoon of a blogger finding no comments on their blog.

It is by PinoyBlogero.

Gnomedex 2007

I made it to Gnomedex. Everyone I talked to said that each year Gnomedex is getting better and better. The presentations were inspiring, someone even asked if I had icon stickers to give out. Next year I will bring 'inspiring' icon stickers. I met some fun and creative people throughout the event. I did a quick podcast interview over on Capture the Conversation. Adam Metz over at LaunchSquad introduced me to my interviewer, Kris Smith. I stayed around to listen in on a few other interviews.