Monday, September 17, 2007

ClickComments on FC2, Livedoor, and SaaSee

We are excited to announce that ClickComments now supports FC2, Livedoor, and SaaSee. These are three of the major blog platforms in Japan. We have receieved a lot of requests on supporting these 3 major Japanese blog platforms.

We hope that you would enjoy ClickComments :-)


G said...


Sorry about my english! I'm portuguese.

When ClickComments for WORDPRESS.COM?

Please! I want your widjet in my blog...



Hans said...

G, Thats a great question. It is one that we ask many times. It is on that 100s of our users have asked for ClickComments on However, the management at don't want to let you use ClickComments on The only option is to install wordpress software on your own server....or move over to a blog system that lets you use the tools you want. Our corporate blog is on blogspot and we are very happy with it. TypePad is also very good.