Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yet another upgrade on the ClickComment icons.

As requested, we have made our icons smaller. They now take less real estate of your blog while creating the same great values. I think they actually look cooler at this smaller size. Again, thanks for the great feedback.


Maurits said...

It's getting better and better.
Colours and size look very good.

Maurits said...

As of today I see all Cool Stuff icons showing around 60 hits.


Krates said...

We have fixed the problem. It was a front-end display bug. We have found that all the accounting was accurate, which explains why this bug passed our system tests. This incident tells us that we need more resources on human-eye testing.

Last night, we upgraded our backend clickcomment accounting algorithm to support showcase. It is when this display bug was introduced. I apologize for it.

Maurits said...

thanks for fixing.
Showcase is driving quite some traffic to my site today.
Great work again ;-]

Arbitrageur said...

Great concept. This is a much needed widget for the blogosphere.
One comment though - the "Cool Stuff" graphic looks suspiciously like a steaming pile of poop. I'm not sure if you were trying to be ironic, or tried drawing an ice cream cone but some clarification would be appreciated. Incidentally, I think having a negative comment should be a requirement.

Vinit Bhansali said...

You guys definitely rock!!!!

BTW, is there any way to un-comment?
Say I was testing and clicked on ALL the icons. Now how do I undo?

Still ... awesome work!

Hans said...

arbitrageur, we have a very dry sense of humor. originally the icon was red to be 'hot sh!t', but then we thought it might be interpreted as 'flaming pile of sh!t'. so we decided to say 'cool sh!t'. to be PG we labelled it 'cool stuff'. the question is, did it make you laugh/smirk?

vinit, thanks for the kind words. we havent thought of uncommenting yet. we will have to think about this a bit. thanks for bringing it to light. I would have clicked on 'insightful' on your blog if you blogged about it :D

Vincent said...

It looks nice, I just added it to my blog, -but the Times font is hurting my eyes... Any chance of chosing something closer to the style of your blog? Ideally, I would like to take out the text bits, the scroll over is quite self-explanatory. Being all minimalist etc ;)