Friday, June 08, 2007

Showcase launced and mention on TechCrunch

On Tuesday we officially launched the PostReach showcase. The showcase displays blog posts from across all blogs that use PostReach services. It is different from other content sites in that you can find content based upon the type of content you are in the mood for. Moreover, you can also find content you would not easily have found before because we also bring you great content from smaller blogs.

The last few days we have been fixing a few small bugs and adding in new language support. We really appreciate all the feedback and help we have received. We will be listing out the new language support in a separate post.

We would also like to thank TechCrunch for mentioning PostReach in an accurate and compelling manner. Thanks Duncan and Mike! We also appreciate the international coverage. We've been dropping by to comment on your blogs (different staff cover different languages on our team)

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