Sunday, August 19, 2007

The ClickComments logo

Some of you have been asking why there is a ClickComments logo on the ClickComments widget. Some thought that it was a branding exercise. This is not what our motivations are. The goals for the new version of ClickComments is to increase reader participation further. There has been academic research that shows that images of faces draw human attention. Our usage of a face in the logo was to draw attention to the ClickComments widget so that readers will interact with the widget.

If you think the logo contrasts too much with your template, then please choose the grey theme. That is more neutral and should blend in with more template. We chose the default green theme because our postreach logo is green and our website is green.


Stannum said...

I am one of those who took down clickcomments because of the logo. I actually don't mind displaying a logo of yours provided it is designed well (maybe even your current postreach logo). Personally, I think the stretched face combined with oversized fingers is just ugly. I just cannot let something I find ugly to appear in multiples on my front page and on my every single post. I understand aesthetic judgement is very subjective so in my email to you I just asked for an alternative theme, such as "clickcomment" or "postreach" in words. Once this is avaiable, I will put back clickcomment immediately.

Max said...

I had tons of clicks with the old logo. I'm not a fan of the new logo with the big funky face and oversized hand. However, the dropdown menu is nice with the page suggestions, but the names should have the ".html" removed.

How about a choice of logo or no logo? I'd much prefer something discrete. I feel the big funky face/hand is drawing attention away from my photos.