Saturday, August 18, 2007

Introducing ClickComments2.0!

We are excited to introduce you the new ClickComments. In the last two months, we have been listening, talking, observing and analysing what both bloggers and readers want. We think we have made a major improvement in the service.

What's new?

Post Recommendations: which tells readers about other posts in the same blog that might interest them. This should keep them on your blog longer.

Customization: We have reduced the number of icons based on reader feedback. We have introduced optional negative icons. Users can also customize the color of the ClickComments box.

Please check out our new website for more detail:


d61 said...

Good job, fellas!

Anonymous said...

Please get rid of the logo... it takes up needless space on my blog. Also, I liked the other options. It gave readers more choice.

Hans said...

jeff, the new widget takes up two text lines. the older widget took up three text lines. so it is taking up less space. consider using our grey theme, it might be the contrast that makes it seem bigger.

The logo exists to draw attention after your reader has finished a post. There has been academic research that shows that humans focus on faces. We decided to leverage facial attention cueing in our logo to help you get more comments.

Hans said...

d61, thanks for the kind words. this version took a lot of work and we are glad that you like it. you will be seeing cooler stuff coming out soon. we are going to work hard to get from 'good' to 'great'.

Ray said...

Hey, thanks very much - I was actually considering removing click comments from my blog as it was taking quite a while to load. The new format is attractive, looks fun, and initial stats indicate that you're correct in assuming that it helps to encourage readers to delve deeper into my blog.

Also, there seems to be a faster loading time.

Thanks again for a great service.