Friday, June 08, 2007

Dutch widget support

We had the great luck of launching ClickComments when one of our GuestPost users read a Dutch post about 'lurkers'. Maurits Burgers (pronounced mow-ritz) has struck up a conversation on his blog and other blogs and has given us great feedback. Today Maurits and Viory helped us translate the widget to Dutch. Check out the videos produced by Maurits (250,000 views!) and the photography from Viory.

Thanks for all the support. T-shirts for both of you....and a pack of M&Ms because you call our icons M&Ms.


Maurits said...

Nice to be of help ;-]
Looking forward to the t-shirts.
Thinking of a crazy kind of promo video.

Maurits said...

Reviewing my translation of the ClickComments into Dutch I now see a minor flaw. Me using the English version for my own blog I only now see this.
The television icon that spells that I translated into Grappig might better be 'Vermakelijk' in Dutch.
In retrospect of all the clicks I see around 'Vermakelijk' much more covers the category.