Friday, June 08, 2007

Slovak...a lesson in geography

Branislav Rac was kind enough to help us with translation to Slovak. At the same time another user requested Slovenian text. Well it turns out that Slovak and Slovenian are two different languages of two different countries. We screwed up and mis-mapped them. And in our misguided excitement decided to recategorize some of the blogs into it. Well we got that all sorted out today and have properly assigned Slovak and will soon be deploying Slovenian. Pleaese accept our apologies for the mistake.

Brano, tshirt for you. Please upload a Flickr photo of you with the tshirt in Stupava, Slovak Republic. Or you can really confuse us and take a train over to Slovenia and take a picture there.

1 comment:

branorac said...

Sure i make a pic of me with t-sirt on our Stupava main place :P it will be cool i think. Now all translations works fine.